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Filial Aquarium

Canister Filter

External Canister Filter HW-3000

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FEATURES Use ABS engineering plastic, fashionable design. Siphon style intake, easy to use. Have water stop switch, easy cleaning. Low noise, large flow. With touch screen control. UV working hours adjustable. 6 gears adjustable outflow. SPECIFICATIONS Model:HW-3000 Input:110-240V Output:DC24V 50/60Hz Dimensions:285*285*470mm Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz Gear Power Output Max.Hight 1 10W 1200 L/h 1.2M 14W 1600 L/h 1.5M 18W 2000L/h 1.8M 22 2400 L/h 2.1M 26W 2700L/h 2.4M 30W 3000L/h 2.5 M Media Not Included

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