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Teraa FD Mysis Shrimp 100 ml

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Teraa FD Mysis Shrimp: Pure Freeze-Dried Excellence Indulge your aquatic companions with Teraa FD Mysis Shrimp, a premium and nutrient-rich delight crafted from 100% fresh mysis shrimps. Our meticulous freeze-drying process ensures the preservation of natural goodness without any additives, chemicals, or preservatives. Key Features: 100% Fresh Mysis Shrimps: Elevate your fish’s diet with the pure goodness of fresh mysis shrimps, providing a premium source of nutrition. Freeze-Dried Nutritional Excellence: Through advanced freeze-drying techniques, we maintain the mysis shrimps’ nutritional value, delivering a wholesome and delectable treat for your aquatic companions. Pure and Untouched: Teraa FD Mysis Shrimp is free from additives and artificial enhancements, offering your fish a pure and untouched delicacy that aligns with their natural diet. Nutrient-Packed Delicacy: Provide your fish with a nutrient-packed delight that replicates the freshness of live mysis shrimps. Teraa FD Mysis Shrimp is a convenient and wholesome choice to support the health and vitality of your aquatic companions. Choose Teraa FD Mysis Shrimp for a premium, freeze-dried treat that encapsulates the natural excellence of mysis shrimps without compromise. Enhance your fish’s dining experience with a nutrient-rich delicacy. Analytical Constituents: Crude Protein 60%, Crude Fat 6%, Crude Fiber 6.5%,Moisture 7%.

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