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MasterLine Root Caps

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Benefits: Significantly contributes to the proper development of more sensitive plants Intensify the color Transforms an inert substrate into a nutritious one and brings back to life soils depleted of nutrients Gradually releases all micro and macronutrients necessary for plant development, exactly at their roots Ensures a more developed and healthier root system The granules do not affect the water quality and can be easily removed after consumption Compatible with all forms of aquatic life, including shrimp (the copper content is very small) Content: MasterLine Root Caps contains all the nutrients needed by thr plants in one capsule: 14% N, 2% P, 17% K, 3% Mg, 0.5% Fe, 0.07% Mn, 0.03% Zn, 0.02% B, 0.03 Cu, 0.01% Mo Dosage: One capsule 10 cm apart from another. Refresh at about 3 months Recommendations: Insert the capsules as deep as possible into the substrate, under the plant bushes using tweezers Use with MasterLine liquid fertilizer addition, in tanks with soil or inert substrate Reinsert into the substrate the granules that come to the surface and vacuum the consumed ones Do not ingest and keep out of reach of children Keep the product dry, cool and away from light

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