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Mufan CO2 Regulator- Double Gauge

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Mufan CO2 Solenoid Regulator is a superior quality CO2 Regulator designed specifically for use with CO2 diffusers. It is an excellent regulator for the beginner enthusiast or the planted tank professional seeking a sleek, compact, superior quality regulator. Made with Duralumin, the Mufan CO2 regulator solenoid outclass its competitors through its excellent durability and its precision control of gas flow with parts from China. Designed with simplicity, the Mufan CO2 regulator solenoid allows users to hand tighten the regulator to the CO2 cylinder or by using Wrenches.Come with bubble counter. Product Specification Connection:Standard G5/8 Pressure Gauge Range:0 to 3000 psi ( Tank pressure ) 0 to 150 psi ( Dosing line pressure ) Plug Standard: China 2 pin Plug Power Supply: 220V / 25mA

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