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Filial Aquarium

Internal Filter

NY Inter filter N611

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Function 1 – Fish tank collection: The water mouth pipe fills the fish tank and the sediment at the bottom of the fish tank in the filter, and sits in the tank by rotating. small fan rotating. Daily collection of fish, very suitable for cleaning.   Function 2 -Wavemaker, adjustable output wave: The filtered water comes out with a strong wave, the water can adjust different directions, adjust the direction and size of the wave, The size of the wave can be adjusted also for adjusting the air circulation.   Function 3 – Discharged oxygen, can change the adjustable space: With air valve switch and air intake knob, Increase the amount of oxygen reduced in the water, can adjust the size of the air.   Function 4 – Water quick water device: Turn the water maker to make a wave and attach it to the water pipe to release the water in the fish tank. Conversely, you can also add water to the fish tank. It’s plain and simple, it makes changing your water easy   Function 5 – purified water, filter through biochemical cotton: The fish and waste separated by the fan are placed in the container, and other impurities are attached to the filter cotton through Biochemical filter cotton. It is recommended to clean the filter cotton once 1 – 2 weeks.

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