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Marina Zeo Carb 300G

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A powerful combination of activated carbon and ammonia remover, Marina Zeo-Carb effectively eliminates odors, discoloration and impurities in freshwater aquariums. This potent chemical duo prevents the buildup of toxic ammonia and nitrite, producing clean and healthy aquarium water. It is ideal for use in clip-on, canister and corner filters. Highly activated to last longer, it provides superior adsorption of impurities such as dyes, metals and chemicals, without affecting the pH. In filters, it is recommended that you put this activated carbon in the bag before placing it in its slot. Follow the instructions given by the filter manufacturers for their products. Clean your filter once a week. Depending on the condition and odor of the water, replace the activated carbon every month to get the most efficient results. Benefits: Available in 3 sizes – 300 gm, 600 gm, 900 gm High quality blend of Marina Carbon & Marina Ammonia Remover Removes ammonia For freshwater use only Removes dyes, medication and odours Formula that works to remove toxic ammonia Adsorbs liquefied wastes and removes dyes Helps prevent unwanted odors Doesn’t harm your fish For freshwater aquariums only

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