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Marina Activated Carbon 400G

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What is Activated Carbon? Marina Activated Carbon Activated Carbon is a form of carbon that has been produced with extremely high microporosity. Carbon is good at binding to most elements and molecules which means that when fluids are passed through it or over it, contaminates or pollutants contained within the water will be caught by the carbon-reducing improving the purity of the water. One gram of Activated Carbon has a surface area of between 1500 m^2/g to 3000 m^2/g. Marina Activated Carbon from Hagen provides superior removal of impurities such as chlorine, smoke and aerosol contaminants from aquarium water. Also improves water clarity, colour and smell but will not change water pH. For fresh and saltwater. Marina activated carbon improves water clarity, colour and odour in fresh and saltwater aquariums. Highly activated to last longer, it provides superior adsorption of impurities such as dyes, metals and chemicals, without affecting the pH. The carbon is ideal for use in clip-on, canister and corner filters. How to use Activated Carbon? Activated Carbon is most commonly used to filter water used in ponds and aquariums. It should be added to a media bag or holder which is placed in direct contact with the water. The water should then be passed through it continuously until the water it contaminates and pollutant-free. We recommend flushing the activated carbon with fresh water before using. Activated Carbon can be used in internal and external filter bags or containers. It’s suitable for fresh or marine water aquariums or ponds. Benefits: Available in 3 sizes – 200 gm, 400 gm, 800 gm Improves water clarity, colour and odour in fresh and saltwater aquariums Highly activated to last longer Carbon is ideal for use in clip-on, canister and corner filters Provides superior adsorption of impurities without affecting the pH

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