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About Us

Filial Aquatics is a well-known online aquascaping and exotic fish supplier started with a small breeding unit in the year 2013 at Pune, Maharashtra. Today, we own a small gallery in the Temple City – Madurai, Tamil Nadu. The word FILIAL (GENETICS) refers to designating the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation. Hence, the website name becomes Filial Aquatics.


One - Stop for All Your Aquarium Needs
The word filial (genetics) definition: designating the generation or the sequence of generations following the parental generation. We started a small breeding unit in 2013 at Pune, Maharashtra, today we own a small gallery in Temple City, Madurai, Tamil Nadu.We are one of the leading online Aquarium accessories suppliers. Leading brands like Aquael Poland, Aquatic remedies, Reeflowers Made in Israel, Sunsun, Teraa and Aqua Vascular fertilizer, Chihiros, Shiruba made in Taiwan and more.


Do you have a hobby of farming aquaculture? Without hobbyists like you, we are no more and nothing to do. Our Filial Aquatics will directly ship products to hobbyists while purchasing above certain limits. We also provide annual maintenance service at competitive prices with high-quality. At our Madurai store, our gallery has more products available to buy such as aquarium fishes, plants, and supplies including tanks, filters, pumps, planted substrates, driftwood, rocks, fertilizers, medicine, and much more. Follow our social media for up-to-date updates and reach our support team quickly. We are available on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Eye-em.


Do you love fish? Yup. We know that you love fish and everyone loves it. Promoting conservation and sustainability is a part of our mission. This ensures everyone can continue to experience this both in home aquariums and the wild. Our company supports both aquaculture and sustainable wild collection. Hope, we guide you to make the best decisions in this.